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Friday, December 10, 2004

Best Day Ever!

My old blog is still broken, and this blog just isn't the same, so I haven't been posting much (obviously), but this can not wait until the old blog is back...I must post my excitement....last night, after the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert...

I met Scotty Morris!

He signed my ticket (as did the other members of the band), but I also got a picture of him with me, and since I had had four beers and the filter between my brain and my mouth wasn't working, I told him that I had the biggest crush on him for the last six year. He laughed, though it was prolly a nervous laugh of you're freakin me out girl, go away. But really, he was very nice, and just as smooth and sexy as he is up on stage.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Hello and welcome to my alternablog

My regular blog is down. I talked to the all knowing webmaster, Tom, and apparently it has to do something with blogger not liking active FTP and wanting SFTP to be used and other such things that I don't understand. And since Tom is a very busy person, this will do until my regular blog returns.

This following post is one I wrote on Thursday, but has not been published until now:

Worst Day Ever (Yes, I'm being melodramatic)
Curse you, Franz Ferdinand, and your extremely dance-inducing music.

Now I know exactly how Carrie Bradshaw felt when the sad mac face appeared on her laptop.

Let me explain.

I was washing the dishes while listening to my ipod. Suddenly, a Franz Ferdinand song comes on, and fills me with the urge to dance around the kitchen like a fool. Apparently, the dancing was too much, and the ipod, which was in it's little holder, clipped to my pajama pants, falls crashing to the ground. I pick it up and examine it for damages. I plug the headphones in and breathe a sigh of relief as I hear music. All is good. For about a minute. Then it starts to shuffle backwards through the playlist and then it stops. No more music. Then an icon of a folder with an exclamation point in a triangle appears on the screen and it freezes. I reset it, but it goes right back to that horrible icon. I put it in it's dock. Nothing happens. I call technical support and he breaks the news to me that the ipod is no more and will have to be serviced.


Now I have to wait for apple to send me packaging to send back to them with the ipod and then wait while they service it and send it back to me. I have not seen or heard how long this will take, but I have a sinking feeling in my gut that it will take awhile. In fact, I am calling tech support back to ask how long right now.

So it will take two to three weeks from the time that Apple receives the ipod until I get it back...but there is no information on how long it will take until Apple first sends me the box.....and i think the guy on the phone found it amusing at how upset i am

so upset. no ipod for at least a month. tear.